Production range

Shore 71


Uses: Shoe- leather and paper industry


Cutting materials: Leather, paper, cardboard

Shore 72


Uses: Shoeindustry


Cutting materials: Leather and soft materials

Shore 73


Uses: Multi-purpose cutting board


Cutting materials: Leather, sole materials

Shore 76


Uses: Cutting board and cover plate for roller cutter machines


Cutting materials: Leather, foam plastics

Shore 78


Uses: Cutting board for universal use, also as one-way cutting board with 3-12 mm thickness


Cutting materials: Textiles, felts, fleeces, foam plastics, leather, sole materials, rubber, foils and other soft materials

Shore 84


Uses: Universal


Cutting materials: Textile synthetics and other soft materials Glaser GmbH - der Spezialist, wenn es um Stanzmaschine und Schwenkarmstanze geht. Glaser GmbH - Schwenkarmstanze Glaser GmbH - Schnellstanzautomat Glaser GmbH - Großflächenstanze