Industrial Services





•hardware design

•latest technologies

•PLC software creation

•current drive


•installation and commisioning



Modernization of control systems:


•PLC machine control

•distributed I/O and bus systems

•transmission equipment

•operator and visualization systems



Service und maintenance:


•cutting equipment

•roller cutting and upper beam press

•internal logistics systems

•rack feeder

•delivery of spare and wearing parts

•Employee Training



Industrial Consultancy:


•workflow optimization

•software and hardware changes

•advice on safety issues

•safety Light Curtains

•solutions to meet your requirements Industrial Service






In applying optimized maintenance measures you will assure functioning and value of your industrial equipment permanently. Therefore, inspection plus preventive and corrective maintenance of our customers’ machinery, as well as optimization of processes are our primary domain. Our specialists will be pleased to advise you regarding preventive maintenance and supply of spare and wearing parts in order to reduce machinery standstills.

Short-term solutions to occurring problems are of our utmost concern. With our highly qualified personnel we are able to react flexibly and help reduce expensive machinery failures to a minimum. Glaser GmbH - der Spezialist, wenn es um Stanzmaschine und Schwenkarmstanze geht. Glaser GmbH - Schwenkarmstanze Glaser GmbH - Schnellstanzautomat Glaser GmbH - Großflächenstanze