Cutting Machines

As experts in die cutting technology we have dedicated ourselves to offer our customers – the operators and users of die cutting machinery and equipment in industry, trade, and handcraft – an exceptionally competitive product.

In cooperation with our customers we elaborate their actual requirement and, on that basis, offer individual solutions at an optimal price-performance ratio. Through our independency we are able to develop a sales program of international manufacturers for a series of standard die cutting machinery.

In cooperation with these manufacturers we have focused our utmost attention on economic efficiency, quality, and functioning.

Contrary to other cutting methods e.g. Laser Cutting, Water Jet Cutting or Cutters with oscillating dies, our Cutting Machines requires a Cutting Die with complete contour of the cut part.


Advantages of this cutting method is the complete and repeat accuracy cutting of a part in a reproducible work step. This means, that the accuracy of the cut parts are defined by the cutting die and will not be influenced by external causes.


Especially in middle and higher production volumes, the costs incurred in a cutting machine by cutting tools and cutting plates are lower than comparable cutting technologies. Glaser GmbH - der Spezialist, wenn es um Stanzmaschine und Schwenkarmstanze geht. Glaser GmbH - Schwenkarmstanze Glaser GmbH - Schnellstanzautomat Glaser GmbH - Großflächenstanze