Beam Cutting Machines



The four-column cutting machine is designed in a very solid welded steel construction. Due to its design, the machine is almost torsion-resistant and runs with a high degree of synchronism, which means that it closes almost parallel even under full off-centre load. Each pair of column is connected to a tension rod. The downward movement of the tension rod is actuated by one lateral hydraulic cylinder. With automatic lubrication of the column guidance. Special emphasis has been placed on easy maintenance and repair conditions, all essential function units are easily accessible in the machine body. The electrical control cabinet is mounted on the backside of the machine. The operating panel which controls any function of the machine is arranged on the left side. Adjustment and operation of the machine are simple and user-friendly. A micro-controller monitors the various movements. The hand sliding table at the front side of the machine is standard.


Beam Cutting Machine Type MC AC DT
Beam Cutting Machine Type MC AC DT.pdf
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